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Coding for Girls

Posted by camille on October 26, 2016


CLICK HERE to watch the video

It's a language most adults don't understand, but when given the opportunity, youngsters pick it up fast! Every website, game, and app is built from code. We decided to offer a class to teach girls the basics.

The class filled up very soon after we posted it. The Prince George Public Library generously offered their computer lab so the 12 girls could start their exploration. Instructor Lakeysha O'Neill is a web designer at Digital Umbrella Creative (DUC). She was blown away by how fast the students picked up the material. O'Neill says during the first class, she had to start on the second lesson because the students were so quick to catch on. Many managed to advance beyond her lesson plans, just by tinkering within the program.

Grade 5 student Lily Miners says she's learned some code at school, but the class is giving her a chance to dive deeper. Lily loves to code; she plans to create her own game. It will take her months to complete, but she's excited to start. She appreciates that the class is made up of all girls, and it's a good way to make friends with some of the same interests.

Two Rivers Gallery strives to be a centre for creativity in Prince George. Much like paint, ink, or charcoal, code is a means of expression. We are proud to be able to offer girls the opportunity to see if it's for them. Many thanks go to the Women's Enterprise Centre, Catalyst for Growth and Status of Women Canada. Thanks to their support, we were able to offer this class at a very low cost to families. For more details on our childrens' classes, click here.




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