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My Summer as a Curatorial Assistant at Two Rivers Gallery

Posted by annamaria on August 31, 2016

By Valérie Hénault

Desperately looking for summer jobs in Montreal, I remember the stress I felt at the end of the month of April. Thanks to nonprofit organizations: they only know last minute if they have the grant they need to hire you! On April 18, I received an email from George Harris, Curator/Artistic Director at Two Rivers Gallery, approaching me for an interview. Next thing I knew, I was moving to Prince George for the summer. In hindsight, I can say that the summer went by as fast as the hiring process!




The Regional Outreach Exhibition, a travelling exhibition organized by Two Rivers Gallery that tours across the Regional District of Northern BC, is managed by a French-speaking student every summer. The 2016 edition featured drawings by José Delgado-Guevara, a local artist and musician. If one asked, I would say that the best aspect of managing the Regional Outreach Exhibition is simply how educational it is. Having such great responsibilities makes you learn so much, from framing artworks to managing the production of a catalogue. The list is simply endless.

Our trips to the venues for installing the shows and attending to the opening receptions were also quite memorable. After a few hours of installation, we would go out for dinner and then have a nice evening with people interested in art, in the artist’s work, and in the project more generally. I met amazing people, and great discussions were initiated during those evenings.



Prince George is a very urban yet close to nature kind of town. Hiking became one of my major pastimes, and the mountains my soul mates – as happens for many BC newbies, I would assume.



Prince George can be a vibrant place to live when you are open to new activities and know where to look (read here: Two Rivers Gallery!).In particular, I enjoyed my Silver Bangles workshop with Kathleen Angelski and our after-work trip to the Northern Lights Estate Winery.



One thing I will undoubtedly remember from the Gallery is its staff. Passionate, positive, patient, and professional people are working there. Prince George is so lucky to have access to a Gallery that is so community-focused! I could not be more thankful for this educational, busy, exciting, and fun summer.

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