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Two Rivers Gallery is a vital centre for visual art in Prince George and the central interior of British Columbia, Canada. It is run by the nonprofit Prince George Regional Art Gallery Association with a mission to:

  • Encourage lifelong learning through the arts,
  • Create an environment for vigorous artistic and cultural expression and
  • Provide opportunities for diverse experiences through participation and exhibition.

gallery hours

Sunday:   noon to 5:00pm
Monday:   10:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday:   10:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday:   10:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday:   10:00am to 9:00pm
Friday:   10:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday:   10:00am to 5:00pm



Adult:   $7.50
Seniors/Students:   $6.00
Children 5-12:   $3.00
Under 5:   Free
Families:   $15.00 (restrictions apply)


FREE THURSDAYS - All day, and open late until 9:00pm! Sponsorships available.


the evolution of prince george's public art gallery

  • 1949 - The Prince George Art Society was established. Members met in each other's homes and in the basement of the old Civic Centre and arranged exhibits.
  • 1969 - Exhibition space was established in a small house donated by Gordon and Jackie Swanky at 1362-7th Avenue as the Gordon Gallery, now Frameworks Gallery.
  • 1971 - The Prince George Regional Art Gallery Association was incorporated.
  • 1976 - The exhibition space moved into the old Ministry of Forests warehouse at 2820-15th Avenue.
  • 1985 - The society began its permanent collection.
  • 1993 - Two professional studies were initiated in regard to a new facility: Planning & Development Feasibility study by Lord Cultural Resources Planning and Management and a Functional & Technical Programming Study by Boni-Maddison Architects.
  • 1994 - Hancock & Johns Architects of Edmonton completed a Concept Design.
  • 1995 - Capital Campaign began.
  • 1999 - The groundbreaking at 725 Civic Plaza was in April.
  • 2000 - The Grand Opening was held on June 29.

the building

  • approx. 300 people involved in construction
  • begun in April 1999 - completed June 2000
  • total hours for construction - approx. 2800
  • structure - painted steel frame and structural concrete slab
  • all surfaces are benign, inert or "eco-sensitive" to prevent "off-gassing" and particulate matter
  • curved zinc panels for roof and sidewalls
  • internally - hardened concrete, drywall, wood (fir) and dolomite stone
  • Cost of $5.2 million ($1.25 million raised through art gallery Capital Campaign)
  • approx. 16,000 sq. feet in total
  • 48 feet tall at highest point
  • 49 feet wide
  • 200 feet long
Dimensions - Canfor Exhibition Galleries
  • each measures 1,264 sq. feet
  • each has 13 foot high walls for hanging
  • each has 20 foot ceilings (in centre)
  • each has 260 running feet of hanging space
Design - Important Concepts
  • "Cocooning" - placing the exhibition galleries in the centre of the building so as to provide further protection from the external environment
  • "Daylighting" - use of natural light in galleries. Skylights allow 2nd floor of building to function similarly to light-mixing attics of 19th century Picture Galleries.
Symbolism in Design
  • inspired by geography and industry of city/area
  • sloping roof, arching ribs and forecourt of boulders and shrubs symbolize cutbanks and riverbed of Nechako and Fraser Rivers
  • ribs made from Douglas fir - speaks to importance of forestry industry in region
  • wood used throughout facility in places where visitors will experience it most directly - the exhibition gallery floors, the stairs leading to the 2nd floor, the bannister and door pulls
  • white siding - relates to neighbouring buildings in the Civic Plaza and the snow
  • chimney flue - metal surrounds suggest a mill burner
  • stair railing as abstracted forest deadfalls
Environmental Controls
  • located in the mechanical room between 1st and 2nd floors
  • energy management system monitors temperature and humidity
  • ideal conservation of art no more than 5% fluctuation in temp. or humidity
  • humidity kept between 50% to 60% year round
  • 3 sets of air filters
  • carbon filters ensure air is free of gasses that may be present outside
  • conventional air filters remove dust from airstream
  • 8 full-time employees
  • 10 part-time employees
  • 5 summer students
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