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exhibition proposals

Two Rivers Gallery possesses a number of exhibition spaces: the Rustad Galleria, the Sculpture Court and the two Canfor Galleries. The Rustad Galleria is a smaller exhibition space forming part of Two Rivers Gallery's lobby. Regional emerging artists and community groups are the primary focus of this space. The second story Sculpture Court focuses on larger sculpture pieces that can be exhibited outside year-round. The Canfor Galleries focus on artworks by professional artists from across the country. Floorplans of our spaces are viewable here.

Proposals for the Galleria and Sculpture Court are accepted throughout the year. Proposals for the Canfor Galleries are reviewed every two years. Information on each space and how to make an exhibition proposal appears below.

canfor galleries

The Gallery hosts up to eight exhibitions a year in two exhibition spaces. Emphasis is on showing work of professional artists and on bringing exhibitions of national importance to Prince George. 

Gallery Physical Specifications

The main floor Galleries are each roughly 1300 square feet with 140 running feet of wall space. Two exhibitions usually run concurrently. Each Gallery has fourteen-foot high side walls, terminating in a sloping ceiling. Gallery temperature and relative humidity are kept within the peramaters of generally accepted museum standards (21° C and 47.5% RH) and light levels from overhead track lighting can be easily controlled.

Artist's Fees

Two Rivers Gallery is a professionally run public art gallery. As such it is not our practice to hold exhibitions of art for the purpose of sale. We support artists exhibiting in the Gallery by providing:

  • artist's fees
  • shipping
  • exhibition promotion
  • exhibition installation
  • insurance for work in our care

Crating and, where appropriate, framing of work is typically the responsibility of the artist and must meet appropriate standards.

Exhibition Proposal Submission Guidelines

Two Rivers Gallery invites exhibition proposals from artists and curators roughly every two years. We recommend that submissions include:

  1. A current resumé or curriculum vitae;
  2. Approximately twenty numbered slides of current work, or work related to the proposed exhibition. All slides must be labelled with the artist's name, title of work, dimensions and labelled clearly as to which direction is up in the slide carousel. Note: Slides are preferred but high resolution electronic images in a .tiff or .jpg format will be accepted if slides are unavailable. PowerPoint presentations will not be accepted;
  3. An image list including titles, date of production, medium and size;
  4. A statement relating to the current work;
  5. A clear, concise and detailed proposal for exhibition;
  6. A self addressed, sufficiently stamped envelope if you wish your submission to be returned. Otherwise, it will be kept on file for one year to be picked up before being discarded.

Packages that do not include the above may be insufficiently complete to consider.

If you have any questions, please contact George Harris, Curator.

Two Rivers Gallery
725 Canada Games Way
Prince George, BC, V2L 5T1
Phone: 250.614.7800
Fax: 250.563.3211

rustad galleria: an exhibition space for smaller projects 

Smaller exhibitions, experimental projects, or projects by emerging artists are welcome in the Rustad Galleria at Two Rivers Gallery. Exhibitions usually run for a month and are generally not booked more than three months in advance.

Please submit proposals or questions to George Harris, Curator. Proposals should include a brief description of the project and 5–10 images. Please include a copy of the Rustad Galleria Proposal form available here.

Two Rivers Gallery
725 Canada Games Way
Prince George, BC, V2L 5T1
Phone: 250.614.7800 ext. 492
Fax: 250.563.3211

sculpture court proposals

Two Rivers Gallery is seeking proposals for exhibitions of sculpture in any medium for our second floor Sculpture Court. The Sculpture Court is a small, outdoor space measuring roughly 18ft x 28ft. It is unsheltered; therefore, work must be able to withstand exposure to variable and sometimes severe weather conditions.

Exhibitions will generally extend from October to May and from May to October. Artists are encouraged to consider seasonal change and its impact on the Sculpture Court and the work therein. Work must not exceed the load capacity of the Sculpture Court. Load criteria and other pertinent information appear in this PDF document: Sculpture Court Load Criteria and Floor Plan.

The Gallery will pay an artist fee of $1200 and has a budget of up to $800 to help cover shipping and installation costs. Priority will be given to sculptors living and working in the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.

For additional information or to submit proposals, please contact George Harris, Curator.

Two Rivers Gallery
725 Canada Games Way
Prince George, BC, V2L 5T1
Phone: 250.614.7800 ext. 492
Fax: 250.563.3211

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