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June 20 to July 22, 1990

Prince George 75: A Tribute to the Tree

Various Artists

In 1990, Prince George celebrates its 75th anniversary of incorporation. From a rugged pioneer outpost, Prince George has evolved into a sophisticated urban centre.

The role of the forest industry in the growth of Prince George is paramount. Forestry is the very essence of Prince George’s existence.

As Prince George moves into the 90s, it is no longer the isolated frontier it once was, rather, Prince George is now part of a global community. In this wider context, concerns for the environment have taken priority. The effects of this increased environmental awareness are not only being expressed by individuals, but also by industry.

It is appropriate that as Prince George celebrates its 75th birthday that acknowledgement be made to the key living ingredient that has made all change and growth possible: the tree.

This exhibit is jointly presented by the Prince George Art Gallery and the Fraser Fort George Regional Museum and comprises 75 original artworks paying tribute to the tree.

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