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October 24 to November 20, 1991

Choosing Clay

BC Potters' Guild

Choosing Clay is an exhibition which attempts to explore the diverse nature of contemporary ceramics as a theme in itself. Seven senior artists were invited to choose either an emerging talent or an artist in a period of transition. Each of these sponsors has provided one work and a statement to act as a prologue to the five pieces by the chosen candidate. The choice of the seven senior artists was partially determined by the desire to invite a varied group of individuals with distinctly different work.

The work in this exhibition explores the viability of functional forms, the reinterpretation of established themes, and the exploration of a theme in all its endless variations.

Some of the pieces in this exhibition are very obviously functional the viewer can easily picture these objects in a functional way within their own home. Other pieces specifically deny function while still alluding to it. Abstracted objects like Grey Teacup by Jeannie Mah are meant for contemplation but not actually for use. And yet other pieces are examples of contemporary ceramic sculpture. These sculptural pieces have broken away from any reference to a vessel tradition or functional form. And even with such great diversity of work there is a common thread which binds this work together, the desire to integrate art with living.

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