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May 27 to June 28, 1992


Bruce Woyick

Bruce Woycik leads you into the realm of inner emotions and self-discovery that is brimming with intensity and blazing with light. Not only are the technical qualities fascinating, but the artist explores the domains where we can all find truth and familiarity.

Having grown up in Prince George, BC, Woycik attributes the scenery around him with many of the influential qualities found in his work. The night becomes menacingly dark in the north. Nature is in the foreground and the colours are much crisper. This reality is different in Vancouver, where an unhealthy glow hovers over the city while we sleep and the greyness blends from one day to next. Concrete and cement prevail, whereas in the north the beauty of nature can be appreciated. Woycik acknowledges this element at the basis of his work. This could be why at first glance his pieces seem to empower floral and aquatic components.

Woycik explains that, ‘During the process of painting, there is a journey down a path or road that leads to self exploration. Gradually, memories and mood will be extracted from the inner subconscious.’ So with each layer of paint growing out toward us we actually participate and journey deeper into Woycik’s own voyage. When the works are completed, we are able to delve into different aspects of the artist’s inner self.

The works are very striking as the layers of the glaze emit a supernatural glow. This fits because the show is not only an exploration of the self, but also a recollection of natural phenomenon. Woycik recalls how on one of his trips home, to Prince George, he witnessed an occurrence in the sky that was so strong and moving it seemed to explain the ‘meaning of life.’ By reworking this odd vision, the artist has come to understand his own presence a little better.

Sitting in a small plane Woycik saw a rainbow from the window. But this kind didn’t end with a pot of gold. It couldn’t, because the rainbow was circular. And as the plane flew through the air, it cast a shadow through the centre of the rainbow and onto the clouds below. Light surged from all directions. You’ll have to agree with Woycik that this wasn’t an ordinary event. It affected him so deeply he set out to record his own account and interpretation of the event.

Elenore Hamm, AF Magazine, March 1992, pg 5.

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