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September 9 to October 11, 1992

Trees - Colour, Form and Gesture

Dawn Germyn

When I began this tree series, I wanted to do studies of parts of trees. The tree itself became a landscape for me to explore colour, texture, form and movement. With all of these pieces I visualized what I wanted to do, and then I worked toward the image, trying to reproduce my inner vision.

The field sketches for these pictures are graphite on rice paper rolls. From these studies, I selected features of trunks, branches, and leaves. To explore variations of the theme, I used mixed media: pencil crayon, charcoal, acrylic and cut paper collage. I wanted to express the sweeping movement of branches, the massiveness of tree trunks and light radiating on and through textured bark.

I chose to leave the negative spaces white to give the images a floating dream-like quality as found in oriental art.

Each piece became a pilgrimage of discovery as I concentrated on form, light, and texture.

Dawn Germyn

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