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February 2 to 23, 1992


Roz Marshall

At first glance the work of Roz Marshall and Wendy Moore would appear to have little in common. Upon closer examination, however, many aspects of their work tread common ground. Both artists are women and both use the things around them, things that are familiar, as their subjects.

Most of the work in both exhibitions uses flowers and plants as its subject. The difference in their work is probably most apparent to the viewer in the kind of experience that is to be had, an experience which is likely to be affected by the particular objectives each artist has when approaching their work.

Wendy Moore’s super-realist style magnifies the detail of things in our environment. She hopes to engage the viewer in experiencing something for the first time, to elicit a child-like response of wonderment in a first experience. Roz Marshall, on the other hand, uses her subjects to produce a more external experience. Her work really uses the subjects of flowers as a vehicle for expressive colour, line, shape, etc. The experience is not so much in the detail of the painting in feeling the viewer has been exploring the work.

Two artists, similar subjects, different experiences.

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