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January 8 to 29, 1992

Moving Parallel: Reconstructed Performances from Daily Life

Sandra Semchuck

Organized by the Photographers Gallery, Saskatoon, with circulation assistance from the Canada Council.

The work in Moving Parallel was produced between 1983 and 1988. Semchuk’s work for the most part is autobiographical, yet does not deal specifically with recognizable “identity.” Her subjects are generalized players or mythical figures in her outdoor performances. These people concentrate on the activity and moment, they don’t confront the camera. Semchuk too is a part of the action, in response to the gestures of her companions she uses sweeping gestures of the camera coming toward and away from her subjects, and moving with the activity. She doesn’t stop or direct the flow of events, but rather “moves parallel” to them; the camera becomes an extension of the gesture of her body as she moves parallel to the action of others.

The pieces in the exhibition are made up of 11’x14’ colour cibachromes butted against one another to form a larger composite image the scenes are broken and together at the same time. The colour in the work is intense, the forms within the composite image free-flowing, causing the eye to vibrate between abstract and realistic styles. Semchuk uses nature as her primary source material and is influenced by the way we naturally express our dispositions through the gestures and structures of our actions. The performances that Semchuk chooses are moments of discovery and transformation, her work is spiritual, it is about searching for, and being in awe of the origins of our constantly changing selves.

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