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January 18 to February 25, 1996

The Carnivorous Playground

Robert Dyson

A place where the toys are various and range from whips, healing ointment, ermine fur and nails. Where flowers can interchange as instruments for bloodletting.

A place where desire and despair are the emotions of manipulation.

Where perfection has never been so perfect and never so out of reach. Where advertisers, doctors, pornographers, politicians, ministers, psychiatrists and judges define our sexuality and for some reason have a great interest in how we express it.

A place of no healthy examples. Where normal, sexual experimentation is condoned as dirty: something to be done alone and in the dark.

The Carnivorous Playground is not a reality, but it does exist.

These photographs are about reclaiming the Carnivorous Playground. They do not promote perfection, rather they combine the erotic and the vulgar and invite each person to interpret these works as they choose.

Robert Dyson

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