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July 25 to September 8, 1996


Yael Brotman, Sheryl Dudley, Alex Turner

Dis/locations is an exhibition of drawings, paintings, photo-based pieces and one-of-a-kind prints by three artists now based in Toronto. Each artist examines the way people feel connected to or disconnected from environment, location, family, sexuality or spirituality. Dislocation has become a condition of life, amplified by the electronic age. Instant reruns, fast forwards, cause people to whiz through history and through their lives. Yet they retain in a corner of their hearts, the memory of a comfortable space, of another home. That memory, its visual expression, is actually a collage of moments, experiences and perceptions that have been transformed by time and distance. And the pastiche that emerges becomes a separate and meaningful reality. Each of the exhibiting artists deals with the underlying issues of memory and dislocation in a unique way.

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