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November 12 to December 23, 1998

Knowing Where You Are

Annerose Georgeson

Pretend you are a bird flying through the air. What colours do you see up there? What shapes and images do you see and what energies do you feel? Now look around the solo exhibition of recent work by Vanderhoof artist, Annerose Georgeson and continue imaging you are a flying creature exploring your surroundings.

Georgeson, an artist with her roots deep in the Central Interior of British Columbia, creates highly personal art. Some artists think mainly of creating commercially viable pieces – painting what they think a collector will like. Annerose creates art from her imagination, her experiences, and her sense of place. She combines probing self-portraits with birds and nature. She depicts herself with the features of an early human, blunt and primal. Many of her pieces are full or swirling movement, while others are calm and quiet. Her technique of combining colour Xerox collage with drawing and painting reminds you a  child at play. In fact, Annerose involves her children in many art activities and this sense of joy and art being central to one’s life and daily activity is evident in her art.

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