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April 9 to May 17, 1998


Tiki Mulvihill

The Prince George Art Gallery is pleased to present this innovative and fun installation by Tiki Mulvihill, formerly of Fort St. John and now residing in Vancouver.

Art which is interactive opens up all sorts of opportunities for the viewer to become an active participant in the piece. T he work is “installed” into a specific site: in this case, a public art gallery. Usually, the staff of galleries cautions people “not to touch the art.” In this exhibition, however, we encourage people to touch, open doors, and step into the work itself.

Tiki’s piece is like a maze. As you enter Door #1, you begin to notice lots of little details, such as casts of body parts, and little paintings, prints and lino blocks on the doors. You may feel like Alice in Wonderland as you make your way through the installation; opening doors, discovering doors within doors, and looking through various peepholes. Some doors are skinny ones taken off ships. Some peepholes reveal messages scratched on the other side. My favourite peephole lifts open with a little handle that resembles tiny opera glasses. This show lets you re-experience the delight of childhood ”discoveries.”

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