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September 16 to October 22, 1999

inLAND: Juried Exhibition

Various Artists

Seven works of art by British Columbia artists will be exhibited on the University of Northern British Columbia campus over the next five weeks. Artists were asked to provide an interpretation of human impact on the natural environment and ensure that their works could withstand outdoor viewing. The range of works varies in size, detail, and statement.

As we approach the new millennium, the impact of humans is one of the dominant forces that affect the health of the planet. Massive changes to ecosystems have occurred at an unprecedented rate as industrialized society has harvested resources across the earth. Overpopulation, rainforest clear-cutting, species extinction, and soil degradation are but a few of the problems we are presently experiencing worldwide. The impacts are escalating in the scale and intensity as demands on the natural resource base increase with the nearly fivefold increase in population since 1900.

How should we view our impact on t he natural environment? The average Canadian, although vaguely aware that something is happening, is not exposed to the massive nature of these changes. The purpose of this exhibition is to stimulate our awareness and remind us not to be complacent in light of the global environmental degradation.

Doug Baker, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at UNBC

This exhibition featured artwork by:

Dave Faulkner, Annerose Georgeson, Sherry Smedley, Maureen Faulkner, Marion Jamieson, Susan Ryan and Evelyn Armstrong.

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