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July 29 to September 12, 1999

Above Ground

Janet Moore

Many people living in Canada enjoy a strong and dynamic relationship with the land. This is no less true for Yukon artist, Janet Moore, who has attempted to capture the vastness and diversity of the northern Canadian landscape in her exhibition of paintings, Above Ground. There exists a long history of artists who have presented a “romantic” perception of a land that is limitless and unspoiled and initially, one may be tempted to classify Moore’s paintings as similar constructs. However, as there are many layers o paint on her canvases there are many layers of meaning embedded in her works.

One of the most stunning facets of Moore’s paintings is her use of colour to capture the life essence of the land. She is part of the energy that emanates from around and through her and she translates her perceptions into these panels. The large canvases glow with the vitality of life. This power is even further evident while viewing The Grounding Series where one can detect the energy wane or brighten as one moves from canvas to canvas.

Above Ground is a dialogue of the relationship between people and the land. Our presence on the surface of this planet threatens its vitality and Moore attempts to demonstrate how our beings are an integral part of the land and by damaging it we hurt and diminish our own lives.

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