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April 22 to June 13, 1999

Over the Edge

Various Artists

This collection of work represents an exploration of an approach to contemporary art method prevalent in twentieth century trends. Thirteen British Columbia artists were selected to participate in this exhibition. These artists were requested to communicate through the use of colour, form, shape, texture and line and they did not attempt to illustrate or represent reality in their work.

The abstract phenomenon first began early this century, when artists abandoned the traditional practice of art imitating nature. Since then, abstraction has manifested itself in a variety of art movements including: cubism, dada, surrealism, abstract expressionism and, more currently, the new abstraction.

It is challenging for the viewer to understand modern and post-modern art because of the abstracted elements introduced into the work. The viewer has fewer clues to which to deduce the artist’s inspiration and thought processes. For many artists the intangible, such as the unconscious and spiritual, can be a source of creativity to be drawn from. Angela Frye taps into her dreams, specifically how her dreams make her feel and expresses her emotions in the paintings Auguri, Shelter and Watch Over.

Her visual language incorporates colour and texture to relay meaning. Trevor Lloyd Jones chooses to express his newly discovered spirituality in the painting #258. He chooses to have clour, line, space and the interactions among them to “speak for themselves.”

Other artist s in Over the Edge have drawn from the more tangible aspects of reality in the creation of their works. Barbara Olsen utilizes the landscape as a basis for her drawings. She attempts to express her experiences through symbols that echo with poignancy and mystery. Maureen and Dave Faulkner examine the nature of human society in their installation, Mirror. The rolls of paopper symbolize everything that we hold valuable including traditional arts, monuments, buildings, and nature and yet, ironically, these things are also seen as expendable.

All of the artists in this exhibition have ventured into realm that attempts to defy boundaries and definition. They have broken free from the restraints of reality and they have tumbled Over the Edge into the abyss of possibilities.

This exhibition featured artwork by:

Brenda Alexander-Roessingh, Maureen Faulkner, David Faulkner, Angela Frye, Annerose Georgeson, Trevor Lloyd Jones, Brbara Olsen, Peter Regush, June Swanky Parker, Jurgen Posselt, Brianna E. Toll and Jean Weller.

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