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November 4 to December 23, 1999

Retro 1000

Selected Artists

The ten artists participating in this exhibition were invited to respond to the theme of technology, life and the past millennium. The chosen artists live in the region and have, in the past, exhibited in the Prince George Art Gallery. As the curator, and being familiar with their work, I believed these artists would have an interesting and challenging response to the exhibition concept.

One of the first steps artists needed to take as they began to develop their work was to determine the meaning of technology. I provided a rudimentary definition, which included: a human activity generally involving materials, fabrication, purpose, resources, knowledge, method, environment and the individual. An additional definition by James MacLachlan defined technology as, “a cluster of activities we humans have been using, developing, and elaborating from before our ancestors were fully human. Technology consists of systems of skills in which we construct and use tools, implements, and materials for the benefit of human life by modifying or transforming natural materials.

Each artist selected a specific subject to explore within this very broad theme. They were encouraged to research their idea and the results are interesting. The work pushes the conceptual boundaries and is experimental in its incorporation of a broader range of mediums and techniques. Also interesting is that artists, without having consulted each other, explored similar ideas including: text/print, economics and spirituality.

This exhibition featured artwork by:

Annerose Georgeson, Bill Horne, Peggy Hubley, Joan Jamieson, Trevor Lloyd Jones, Claire Kujundzic, Marc Lacaille, Phil Morrison, Barbara Olsen and Paula Scott.

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