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June 17 to August 1, 1999

Fire & Ice

Trevor Lloyd Jones

As the title of this exhibition implies, this collection of paintings is concerned with the amalgamation of dualities including: life – death, hot – cold, physical – spiritual and real – abstract. These works are dramatic and stark, and reflect the physical, intellectual and emotional context of Trevor Lloyd Jones’ main subject, the Canadian Rocky Mountians. This artist lives in McBride, BC and he is constantly imbued with the power, mystery, beauty, life and danger of the glaciers which are nurtured by the surrounding mountains. Jones is fascinated by the human experience on these glaciers and incorporates his own and other’s experience into his work.

Ice & Fire also documents a transition of Jones’ painting process from realism to realism incorporating hard-edged abstraction. Jones refers to this phase as “a change of balance within me.” These abstract elements introduce a more extensive exploration of symbolism and metaphor. Symbol and metaphor is also represented through the use of colour, the bright reds, blues and pure whites.

The act of painting for Trevor Lloyd Jones is a long drawn-out process where one painting may take many years to complete. His paintings are an ongoing process and are considered to be works in progress. For Jones, painting is a journey and the works aren’t completed until that journey is over.

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