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January 6 to February 27, 2000

Luxury Avenue

Dick Averns

The predication of tradition is, perhaps, a natural satellite to the myth of the Canadian wilderness. Whereas the streets of London were once paved with gold, today, the avenues of this newer home and native land are increasingly riven with the trappings of luxury.

Or that is how it might appear. Rather, it would be closer to say that one person’s luxury is another’s destiny. The dislocation caused by relocation, as evidenced in my recent body of work, Luxury Avenue, serves as a barometer for trends in the human habitation whilst also compounding that classical human tradition: conquering the land.

Such paradoxes prick my senses. Should we save a little of the past for the future? Or is it more pertinent to preserve the future; so it is not like the past.

Dick Averns

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