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April 20 to May 28, 2000

Stone Dance

John Rogers

“Stone” and “dance” – one doesn’t normally associate hard, immovable rock with the lightness and movement of dance. Local sculptor, John Rogers (b. Oliver, BC, 1956 – resident of Prince George since 1969) however, in his first solo exhibition at the gallery, combines these two forces in an impressive body of work, which shows two decades of searching for what he calls “my representation of a balance.” Rogers, a self-taught artist, is intuitive rather than theoretical. He wants the sculptures to speak for themselves and “enjoys releasing what lies within the stone.” Rogers also seeks to balance nature and humankind in his pies, and show how often this balance in nature is disrupted. His work refers to universal art forms, such as Inuit, First Nations, and Mayan art. Rogers has been especially inspired by the art of Bill Reid and remembers the exhilaration he felt upon seeing Reid’s Clam People and Haida Gwaii.

Music, as well as art, has played a crucial role in Rogers’ cultural development. Rhythm and movement have always been there: he played the guitar long before making his first work of art (in 1991, a small soapstone bear made from a kit.) In 1978, the young Rogers suffered life-threatening injuries in a motor vehicle accident. A friend brought a guitar to the hospital and Rogers credits the attempt to make music and music itself with great physical and emotional healing properties. Art and music have always had close ties throughout the ages in most cultures, and Rogers’ exhibition is an engrossing and thought-provoking show illustrating balance, harmony, and a love of life, nature, and humanity.

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