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September 7 to November 5, 2000

Fingertip Views: Black and White Puzzle Photography

Matthew Wheeler

(Sponsored by Telus).

Matthew Wheeler, a McBride photographer, writer, and freelance artist, has created this fun, interactive exhibition. The show combines unique, small-framed images, along with giant enlargements of close-up photos of a variety of everyday materials. Wheeler enjoys photographing mundane and natural and household objects. When these everyday pieces of reality are blown up to gigantic proportions, they become huge, abstract works of art. Similarly, when the photos are cropped, and only a portion of reality is visible in minute detail, again they appear as tiny abstractions.

What do you see when you look at Wheeler’s photos? Can you guess the original subject or are you fooled by the minute close-up and abstract detail? Test your powers of observation in the gallery and challenge your friends and family members, too!

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