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January 13 to February, 2000


Tracy Kobus

The Canadian landscape is a powerful cultural icon artists have developed and sustained through time. Tracy Kobus has continued this tradition and has developed a personal insight in her paintings for exhibition, Roots/Routes. Kobus explores her deep and abiding connection with nature and seeks to bring to light social values which have worked to disconnect many of us from the natural world.

Tracy Kobus has worked in the Prince George region in the forestry resource sector. As a tree-planter, she moved into desolate areas, attempting to bring life and order, She draws from this experience to produce paintings which delve into the mysteries of life, death and decay. She blends abstracted and representational forms in her work and utilizes bold earthy colours to capture the life cycle.

Kobus expresses concern for the weakening connection human beings have with the natural world as we work to confine ourselves within physically constructed boundaries. She challenges viewers to break out of traditional patterns of thought and attempt to look and think of the world in new ways, and, in doing so, renew and rebuild a personal relationship with nature.

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