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May 17 to July 14, 2002

Female Nudes

Skai Fowler

Drawing upon her own experiences as an artist’s model, Fowler addresses the role of the female subject in Western art. Using an in-camera collage technique the artist produces a series of large format double exposure prints, superimposing images of herself onto masterworks of Western art. The artist, inserted into the original painting becomes a new character in the scene that is played out. Engaging with the original characters and sometimes the viewer, Fowler alters the painting to theatrical and often humorous effect. Her level of engagement contrasts with that of many of the women depicted in the original works, sensitizing the viewer to the passivity of the original female subjects.

Feeling a connection with the women Fowler imagines to have modeled for the painters of these masterpieces, she draws upon her own experiences to try and understand them better. Refusing to see herself as passive , she leads the viewer to consider the role of women and the socio-cultural context from which these paintings sprang.

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