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January 9 to February 29, 2004

War Stories for Children and Art Stories for Adults

Tony Calzetta

Whimsy meets horror in this exhibition of recent works by Toronto artist Tony Calzetta.? From his entry unto the art scene in the late 70s, Calzetta's unique abstract style?bold energetic lines and strong graphics?has garnered him attention.

In this exhibition, Calzetta, whose primary medium is drawing, has branched out into brightly coloured paintings and fanciful multimedia sculptures. Humour is evident but not explicit in his compositions.? Despite their playful elements, the works do not lack substance; "they are light-hearted but not lightweight," remarked curator Kate Regan.? His mysterious forms, at once hilarious and disturbing, are coupled with sarcastic and enigmatic titles; the effect is that of the bizarre. Calzetta's art springs from automatic drawings, which he then pares down to his signature abstract forms.? Through such creative exercises, Calzetta seeks to release his own enthusiasm into his art,? "to be true to his real self in his art, and to give his inner creativity completely free rein" (Liz Wylie).Quoted from War Stories for Children and Art Stories for Adults. Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, ON. 2001.

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