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October 21 to December 31, 2005

After the Boom

Eddo Stern, Jon Haddock, Demian Petryshyn, Tim van Wijik

Since the late 1970s video games have been an increasingly significant part of popular culture. During this time they have evolved from simple games like pong to complex and immersive virtual realities. Video games have started to overtake the film industry with a recent release of one game selling more than $125 million dollars worth of copies on its first day. Such a pervasive phenomenon has had a huge impact on Generation X.

After the Boom explores the legacy of video games on contemporary art. Eddo Stern, Jon Haddock, Demian Petryshyn and Tim van Wijk's work all touches on this culturally pervasive phenomenon which is overtaking the movie industry in scope.

Tim van Wijk's Landscape Generator is a large sculptural work. At one end there is a hand crank that moves a series of wooden cogs. At the opposite end there is a viewing frame. As the handle turns a series of landscape elements corresponding to fore-ground, middle and back-ground, turn independently creating an ever changing landscape. Made up of a limited set of elements that are constantly recycled, the generator evokes the repetitive landscapes from early video games. Demian Petryshyn's work also addresses the landscape using an image culled from a video game that is projected onto the wall. This type of landscape, more familiar to some than the real thing, explores virtual experience. Similarly, video work by the same artist looks at the nature of the relationship in multi-player games that evolves and manifests itself on the game monitor. Eddo Stern draws from video games to create short films that blur the distinction between video game and film and Jon Haddock makes digital images of iconic movie moments and world events as if they were screen shots from a game.

This exhibition promises to be provocative and will explore the use of video and new media that is occurring more frequently in contemporary art practices. 

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