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October 21 to December 31, 2005

A Semblance of Truths

Iris Hauser, Monique Germaine

Hauser, from Saskatoon, and Germaine, from Prince George, have a similar approach towards painting. Works by both artists are often comprised of a series of seamlessly integrated vignettes which bring together elements that can at first appear disparate. The often unsettling and dream-like quality of these paintings results from explorations of perception, reality, imagination and truth, in a kind of neo-surrealist spirit. Ultimately, they assert similarities rather than differences, unity and interconnectedness.

The title of the exhibition reflects the tendency both artists have to produce images that, while representational, clash with our sense of what is real. At times unsettling, these works explore perception, reality, imagination and truth. Work by both artists draw from experiences that we can all relate to: Iris Hauser's work, which is often introspective, frequently deals with lifecycles and celebrates empowerment; Monique Germaine's work emerges from observations she has made from around this province and features locations that will be familiar to many of us.

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