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January 13 to March 19, 2006


Diana Lynn Thomson

This poetic exhibition documents a series of installations that started within the coastal landscape of BC but have since spread internationally. As Diana Lynn Thompson writes in the accompanying exhibition catalogue:

"A few years ago I had a vivid dream about being on a beach and finding strangely shaped pieces of shell. They felt as if they had mystery - or history - they imbued the place with a spirit that I was given a chance to see. They were human symbols completely akin to the land they were in, a human presence that was embedded, palpable and discreet."

Working with a button factory, Diana Lynn Thompson produced thousands of shaped and engraved shell fragments. She placed these on beaches throughout the province, making it possible for others to have an experience of discovery and wonder similar to what she had experienced in her dream. At the same time she distributed packages of shells to others and invited them to place the shells and document the process. Since then 146 people have carried on the project. Some have used the shells to write messages, others have produced small sculptures or shapes, but all have created compelling interventions in the landscape. This project has been documented by Thompson and the other participants and presented here along with an installation that recalls Thompson's original work on the beaches.

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