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November 17, 2006 to January 21, 2007

The Murmur of Objects

Diane Landry

Artist Diane Landry is known for taking day to day objects: plastic toys; household implements; skates; sleds and a vast array of other materials, and transforming them and the environment in which they are installed, into something profound and magical.

Often using scavenged electronics, machinery, lights and sound sources, Landry's installations are multi-sensory reflections of our contemporary world that address a wide range of universal issues ranging from winter to recycling. They appear at times to address the awkwardness and beauty of a tenuous existence, and the human struggle to find a place in the world.

The Two Rivers Gallery installation entitled the Magic Shield comprises a series of three articulated sculptures based on commercially available bed frames. Through them, Landry transforms the gallery. Using these three beds and the sound, light and shadow that they generate, Landry covers the inside of the exhibition space with forms and shapes that dance and flit across the walls creating precisely the kind of wondrous environment that she is known for. Also forming part of this exhibition is The Lost Shield, a projected video installation.

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