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November 11, 2006 to January 21, 2007

The Lost Boys

Michelle Karch-Ackerman

This installation by Michelle Karch-Ackerman explores the transition from childhood to adulthood during WWI; the tragedy that it came so early, and for far too many not at all.

Conscription or a sense of duty led many to the battlefields of Europe and to the abrupt end of childhood innocence. Weaving together the story of James Barrie's Peter Pan with the stories of so many lives lost in the First World War, the artist honours and pays tribute to these "Lost Boys".

Drawing from old photographs, using knitted sweaters and other material, Michelle Karch-Ackerman creates a poignant and heart-wrenching exhibition that expresses loss, remembrance and consolation.

"It is my job to soothe. I would like to be Wendy. The Wendy of Peter Pan who so consoled her Lost Boys with stories and love. I will sew nightgowns. I will make dolls. I will knit sweaters. I will provide clean straw and clean sheets. I will make the terrible itching go away. And the fear.”

Michelle Karch-Ackerman: The Lost Boys

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