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June 30 to August 23, 2006

Rick Rivet: A Survey 2000 to 2005

Rick Rivet

Rivet, a Metis artist born and raised in the Northwest Territories, but now living in Terrace BC, is known for his remarkable semi-abstract paintings that explore aspects of spirituality and First Nations belief. He makes manifest the belief structure of First Peoples while engaging the contemporary visual language of modernism.

This major exhibition of his work is produced and circulated by the Mendel Art Gallery. The Mendel describes this exhibition, explaining that "Rivet's artistic practice has been primarily influenced by his experience of the rich diversity of Inuit, Indian and Metis culture. It has been further shaped by his subsequent study of other ancient shamanistic societies throughout the world, philosophical thought centered on the idea of the universal unconscious, as well as his interest in the work of artists connected to the movements of Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. For Rivet, art is a meditative process, one that mirrors the shaman's function as mediator between the spirit world and the world of the human. Rivet's visionary canvases of archetypal forms, expressive surfaces and finely tuned colour, provide for a metaphorical access to a mysterious dimension."

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