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April 27 to June 24, 2007


Harry and Linda Stanbridge

Communion is an exhibition of painting and sculpture by Victoria based artists Harry and Linda Stanbridge respectively. Their work in this exhibition reflects two independent careers reaching as far back as the sixties and seventies, while demonstrating the dynamic exertion of influence and cross-pollination of ideas that one might expect to occur between two people who share a life together. Sharing a repertoire of familiar geometric forms the artists’ choice of abstract instead of representational art intentionally limits their capacity to establish a specific narrative.

Though abstract, the forms used by the artists are among those used in spiritual investigation for thousands of years. Interpretations of the work often lead to lines of questioning along spiritual and existential themes. Seemingly more important than forwarding a particular dogma is an examination of something greater than one’s own being, the precise nature of which is open to interpretation.

Transposing a communion of minds in the studio to the discourse between artworks in the exhibition space, this exhibition celebrates a pairing of minds, lives, practices and ideas. In the lush surfaces of Linda’s sculpture and in the luminous motifs in Harry’s paintings we may find reflections of our own quests for meaning and our search to understand our place in this world and the next.

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