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February 20 to May 10, 2009

Mad About the Waltz

Briar Craig

Briar Craig utilizes new ultraviolet serigraph techniques in this exhibition of lush and detailed prints based on Dadaist texts and random snippets of language. Craig collects material from the world around him ranging in nature from magazine clippings to fortune cookie fortunes. He incorporates this material into his work as a reflection of the world we inhabit. Sometimes altering the texts he uses, and befuddling their intended meaning, he forces viewers to look again in order to wrest their own meaning from his work. Recent projects have invited viewer participation.

About his work Briar Craig writes:

“I am attempting to make personal, idiosyncratic sense of the barrage of imagery and information that we are bombarded with every day. In the so-called ‘information age’ we have been conditioned to absorb and respond to ever-increasing quantities of sensory information and I am suggesting the things that catch our individual attentions share common thematic threads.”

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