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May 22 to August 9, 2009


Claire Kujundzic

Claire Kujundzic was born in Scotland, but grew up in small towns in B.C. She lived in Vancouver for 19 years where she worked as an artist in a wide range of genres, from high realism to abstract, and for an even wider range of audiences in painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, graphic design, and cartoons. She has created work for women’s groups, third world organizations, unions, and public exhibitions. When she moved to Wells in 1995, Claire became known for her images of flying women, but few have been familiar with the work that explored her social activism. Cariboo takes up that thread once more.

Using an earthy palette embellished with traces of pine beetle tracks, often indistinguishable from river systems, roads or man-made boundaries as represented on maps, the artist paints rich tableaux evocative of a patinaed and fissured cave wall. Incorporating stylized figures, sometimes human, sometimes animal, these works evoke a kind of contemporary Lascaux. More than a portrait of the past, this work is a meditation on the world around her that compresses the past, present and future of the Cariboo into a stark if richly textured view of the environment. Contained within this work is the imprint of our environmental abuses, the stakes at play, and a challenge to the viewer to consider the consequences of today’s actions on our tomorrow.

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