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August 21 to November 8, 2009


Theresa Sapergia

Prince George artist Theresa Sapergia presents us with a world in upheaval. Using oil paintings and drawings the artist shows us an image of catastrophe. Void of human presence, creatures drawn onto the wall look on as if aware that they are witnessing something momentous. Implicated as viewers into this installation, our traditional relationship with the wildlife pictured is suspended in favour of a moment's truce.

Produced specifically for Two Rivers Gallery, I Like Canada and Canada Likes Me emerges from the artist's long standing interest in utilizing animal imagery as a means of exploring aspects of human behaviour. In this work animals seem to become vessels through which we are able to imagine our own response to the unfolding events. Uncannily human, or simply mortal, they negotiate their lot in life as do we. We can only imagine what happens when the dust settles.

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