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July 15 to October 9, 2011


Donald Lawrence, Mario Villeneuve, Matthew Wheeler

A widely held perception of photographs is that they represent moments frozen in time. Through the work of three artists from Western Canada each of whom has a unique approach to photographic media, this exhibition plays with that idea.

Mario Villeneuve, from Whitehorse, produces large images of gloves--- many now petrified--- that were found on the ground in the snow and dirt. The gum printing process he utilizes gives the work a painterly character. Like the gloves he photographs, this process has been widely abandoned. Used here, both are given new life--- the gloves as catalysts to the stories they represent and Villeneuve's media, as a lost technique, given new purpose.

From the Robson Valley, Matthew Wheeler has developed an approach to photography using ice lenses that he creates himself, sometimes hacked from the frozen landscape itself. Lacking the precision and relative flawlessness projected by a glass lens, Wheeler's photographs are compelling images that suggest a world in flux. In his images, the motion of his subjects is sometimes traced over the course of their exposure and a different character from image to image is returned as the lens itself changes shape according to its environment.

Work by Donald Lawrence from Kamloops has typically reflected his love of the outdoors. One Eye Folly is no exception. Built to sit on a frozen Lake Nippissing in North Bay Ontario, One Eye Folly is a hybrid between a row boat and ice-fishing shed. The folly, itself a photographic apparatus, can be entered revealing itself to be a camera obscura with its one eye clearly fixed on a world that is anything but frozen.

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