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April 12, 2013 to July 7, 2013.

Trace Nelson: Twip, 2011. Mixed media.


Trace Nelson, Marcia Pitch, Carole Epp

This exhibition brings together work by Carole Epp, Marcia Pitch and Trace Nelson from Saskatoon, Vancouver and Victoria respectively. All three artists create unsettling sculptures that draw, to different extents, on sensibilities around childhood playthings. Carole Epp draws from children's collectibles and the likes of Hummel figurines but configures her child protagonists in dark and often disturbing scenarios in order to draw our attention to questions of morality. Marcia Pitch, on the other hand, creates small sculptures that are hybrids of various toy components, re-formed into monstrous off-kilter configurations. In Trace Nelson's soft sculptural installations, bizarre figures assume an imposing, odd and slightly mischievous presence as they orchestrate activity around them.

The deliciously disquieting subversion of childhood tropes through these artworks reflects a kind of widespread social anxiety. Touching on those elements that would be at home in any child's nightmare, this exhibition revisits the demons we overcame in our past to help us negotiate whatever new nightmares we face as adults and provoke a kind of cathartic release.

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