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past exhibitions

April 12, 2013 to July 7, 2013.

Robin Edgar Haworth: Untitled. Ink. 2012.

Pipeline: A Line of Division

Various Artists

Pipeline: is it a lifeline, an economic dynamo or a disaster waiting to happen? Will it revitalise the province or does it pose an unacceptable risk to the environment? Is it a good initiative, a bad one or, rather than a black and white issue, is it simply grey? The pipeline is one of the most polarising topics of conversation and it has expanded to include critiques around environmental policy, review processes and accusations of radicalism. BC artists working in a range of media explore the idea of the pipeline and examine what it means to us in this juried exhibition.

This exhibition featured artwork by: Kimberly Baker, Sylvia Bews-Wright, Jean Brandel, Nora Curiston, Judith Currelly, Robin Edgar-Haworth, Edward Epp, Brian Grison, Corey Hardeman, Bill Horne, Betty Kovacic, James Lindsay, Moyna Macilroy, Beate Marquardt, Rosalie Matchett, Mary Mottishaw, Arlene Nesbitt, Perry Rath and Cara Roberts.


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