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January 16 to March 30, 2014

Adad Hannah. Blackwater Ophelia. 2013. Colour photograph.


Adad Hannah

Adad Hannah is an internationally renowned artist who will be coming to Prince George on the heels of recent projects in London, Calais, Russia, and Seoul. Two Rivers Gallery will show a survey exhibition of his work from January 16th to March 30th 2014.

Known for his video and photography, he collaborates with communities in a playful approach that emerges from the spirit of Vancouver’s photo-conceptual art scene. He re-stages famous paintings or other artwork--- working with models to create living pictures. As his models hold a pose, he films and photographs the scene. The videos, at first glance, appear to be static images though over time one notices figures wavering and the rise and fall of chests as the models breathe— a living image that blurs the line between video and photography.

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