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July 24th to October 12th 2014

Andrzej Maciejewski, Still Life with 4030 (New Zealand), 4927 (Italy), 4940 (USA), 3127 (Mexico), 4433 (Panama) and 4958 (Mexico), Colour Photograph.

Garden of Eden

Andrzej Maciejewski

Garden of Eden is a series of photographs by Polish artist Andrzej Maciejewski.  It is inspired by the still life paintings of Old Masters such as Caravaggio, Luis Melendez, Sanchez Cotan and the Dutch Masters Willem Kalf and Jan Davidszoon de Heem.  However, unlike these still life paintings of old, Maciejewski keeps intact and visible the PLU sticker that is found on modern day fruits and vegetables.  Often overlooked the PLU sticker represents information concerning the variety of fruit or vegetable, including whether it is organic or not.  Maciejewski notes “The 21st century society has created a new Garden of Eden, where everything looks perfect and flawless.  But many things … have been lost during this process.”  Garden of Eden considers the genre of still-life painting in a modern context, translating such works into photographs while examining our relationship to nature and the direction our civilization is headed in.


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