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recent exhibition catalogues

Far Away : Landscapes of Allan Farmer

This catalogue documents the 2014 regional outreach exhibition organized by Audrey-Anne V. Leblanc and circulated to Valemount, Mackenzie and McBride by Two Rivers Gallery. The exhibition featured a collection of paintings by Farmer, who tragically died in 2014, that took a closer look at Farmer’s appreciation for Prince George and region, including the industry that dots this landscape. For Farmer, and which becomes apparent in this catalogue, industry was a romantic vision that added to instead of taking away from the beauty of the landscape in Northern BC.

Bloodredlife : Will Gill

This catalogue documented Bloodredlife a series of twelve large-scale mixed media paintings on panel by St John’s Newfoundland artist Will Gill. It represents his first exhibition of painting in western Canada. Gills expressive complex paintings blend naively rendered representational elements with abstract components conveying subject matter that is at times grisly but multi-faceted and exuberant. Bloodredlife emerged as a father’s response to the increasingly violent world in which his son was being raised. Paradoxically, in a world that purports to be more connected than ever, a growing desensitization to violence has left us even more disconnected from a sense of shared humanity. Through Gill’s work an essay by exhibition curator George Harris examines how representations of violence saturate the world around us through news, radio, websites, games and many forms of other media to the extent that we have become immune to it. Gill’s use of candy apple reds, bubble gum pinks and similarly innocuous colours are part of a strategy he uses to candy-coat disturbing imagery mimicking the packaging of violent material by media sources to its customer base, in order to draw our attention to it.

DISQUIET : Carole Epp, Marcia Pitch and Trace Nelson

The exhibition Disquiet featured the work of three contemporary artists working with similar themes but through entirely different mediums. Carole Epp (Saskatoon, SK), Marcia Pitch (Vancouver, BC) and Trace Nelson (Victoria, BC) all probe the dark side of our subconscious by displaying demons and nightmares in tangible form. Featuring an essay by exhibition curator George Harris, this catalogue elucidates their artistic practices while illustrating the darker sides of childhood demons that follow us into adulthood and how we can rectify our relationship to these demons within our everyday lives.

Cake: A Travellers Journey : Maureen Faulkner

Cake: A Traveller’s Journey was the 2013 regional outreach exhibition organized by Catherine Gagné-Thomas and circulated to Mackenzie, Valemount and McBride by Two Rivers Gallery. This accompanying catalogue documents the work in the exhibition which featured both travel drawings spanning a number of decades and a series of more recent paintings and drawings of cakes which Prince George artist Maureen Faulkner uses as a metaphor to work through different circumstances. At times exotic, dark, brooding, and joyous, the work in this catalogue and accompanying essay explores two seemingly disparate bodies of work and the remarkably similar way they reflect life’s journey.

The Whisper of Stones : Pnina Granirer

Pnina Granirer is an internationally acclaimed Romanian born Canadian artist. This catalogue focuses on a series of mixed media paintings that were inspired by an abandoned millstone quarry and other rock formations on Gabriola Island. Decades after this seminal body of work was produced Granirer started to revisit it, integrating the old work into a new series that incorporated the artist’s long standing love of figurative painting.

Grandpa Used to Wash My Hands with Gasoline : Clint Neufeld

Clint Neufeld is a sculptor from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This catalogue explores the body of work produced by the artist since graduate school culminating in ceramic iterations of iconic car engines, like the Ford Flathead, as well as transmissions, an axle and an outboard motor. Many of the objects he casts are associated with masculine endeavours and suggest speed and power. Paradoxically, these objects are also fragile and often finished in a way that evokes fine china like that which he recalls his grandmother collecting. A mash of masculine and feminine tropes, Neufeld’s work is a compelling forum through which changing gender roles can be examined.

Frozen : Donald Lawrence, Mario Villeneuve, Matthew Wheeler

Frozen is a playful exhibition which seeks to address the commonly held perception that photographs represent moments frozen in time. Paradoxically the work of the three artists whose work comprises this exhibition all touches in one way or another on frozen elements. Matthew Wheeler from McBride, BC is represented by a series of photographs produced using a camera lens that he fashioned from ice. Mario Villeneuve’s dichromate photographs centre on images of gloves found frozen at the side of the road in his hometown of Whitehorse. Finally, a selection of photographs and sculpture by Donald Lawrence, centres around his One Eye Folly a rowboat-cum-icefishing-shed-cum-camera obscura. This catalogue explores the work of these three artists offering a counterpoint to the notion of photographs as moments frozen in time.

The Verge: Between Worlds : Andrea Fredeen, Michele Jensen, Annerose Georgeson, Karma Vance

Paintings, sketches and drawings by Andrea Freeden, Michele Jensen and Karma Vance from Prince George and Annerose Georgeson of Vanderhoof comprised a travelling exhibition that toured around the Regional District of Fraser Fort-George in 2012. This catalogue accompanied the exhibition and looks at the very different way that four artists treated the edge of the forest in their artwork. The forest verge is a magical, mysterious place, familiar to many of us in Central and Northern BC and a fitting theme through which to explore the character of each artists work. Interviews with the exhibiting artists are included.

Caribou : Claire Kujundzic

Caribou represents Kujundzic’s reflection on environmental stewardship and patterns of consumption In the wake of the devastating Pine Beetle. This catalogue documents that project touching on environmental themes and the influence of pre-historic art that had an important impact on Kujundzic’s early work and which then reappeared some years later in the context of this project. This publication explores the artist’s recent history, especially after her move to Wells, BC. It follows her trajectory from her more graphically rendered “Flying Women” styled work to the comparatively spare, and reductive mixed media work from Caribou that incorporates techniques like painting and frottage.

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