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rustad galleria exhibition

The Rustad Galleria, located parallel to the North and South Canfor Galleries, is an exhibition space dedicated to presenting work by local and regional artists. Exhibitions in this space typically run for a month. All local and regional artists from the Regional District of Fraser Fort-George are encouraged to submit proposals.

These exhibitions are free to the public every day of the week and the Galleria space offers a compelling venue for the exploration of our regional artists. 

March 21 - April 29, 2019

The Bridge, No.12 from The 100 Houses Project series. 2016.

The 100 Houses Project

Mo Hamilton

The 100 Houses Project is a compilation of 100 block prints that depict houses in different scenarios. Begun in 2016, this body of work draws from Hamilton’s own experience relocating to different places over the course of her life, while also considering the experiences of others. Wildfire evacuations, environmental disaster, war, and homelessness are some issues that her prints depict. With this body of work, Hamilton gives pause to reflect on how different life events can impact one’s identity, sense of place, and security.

May 9- June 9, 2019

Michael Rees. Fire Fighter, 2016. Oil on canvas.

Zero Hour

Michael Rees

The title of this exhibition is associated with military language, and implies the time at which a specific event is scheduled. Vanderhoof, BC, artist Michael Rees develops paintings that tend to embody anxious anticipation, such as that experience before a critical moment is set to occur. Primarily using photographs and video stills as source material, Rees composes unlikely or curious scenes, such as a young girl cleaning the inside of a tent, a SWAT team huddling in fear of an orange, and a suspicious murder. In each case, Rees’ paintings provoke feelings of uncertainty and suspense, leading viewers to question what is happening and to wonder what might happen next.

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