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Art explorations online to engage children with viewing, learning about, and making art.

Art Explorations Online

Online activities for children

Join us here for art projects that engage children in K to grade 7.

Print the lesson plans at home, download the PDF to your computer, or follow along online.

Check back in for more lesson plans to come.

Each of the programs meets several of the core competencies and curriculum goals of BC’s new curriculum.

Exercise Your Imagination

Children know it and adults sometimes need to remember it: using your imagination is not only fun, it is important. It is what allows us to think up new ideas and dream of new ways of doing things. Imagination feeds creativity, and if it is not exercised, creativity is sometimes difficult to achieve.

This lesson will provide a springboard for using artistic expression to bring imaginative thoughts out into the world.

Exercise your imagination Lesson Plan

Marble Runs

Have you ever heard of prototyping? Or marble runs? In this lesson, you’ll learn about both!

This STEAM* lesson is all about experimentation, trial and error on the pathway to making something great.

Marble Runs Lesson Plan

Colourful Collage

Collage is a word that comes from the French word for glue. Many artists use collage to make
their artwork. Some combine pictures from old books, magazines and store flyers to make new
pictures. Others, like Henri Matisse and Eric Carle, used colourful papers to create their artwork
and illustrations.

Colourful Collage Lesson Plan

The Daily Draw: Part 2

This lesson is intended to have children and their parents/caregivers/teachers open their minds to art and creativity. The activities which follow will encourage adults and students to leave behind the “I can’t draw” mentality and learn to express themselves through drawing. Discover how enjoyable making marks and experimenting with art can be.

The Daily Draw – Part 2 Lesson Plan

Colour Theory Fun: Warm and Cool Colours

Warm vs Cool Colours
People always talk about warm and cool colours – what does that mean? If you think of warm objects, what comes to mind? The sun? Fire? A stove element? What colours are those usually (red, yellow, orange)? If you think of cold or cool colours, what comes to mind? A lake? Icebergs? The ocean (unless you are in Hawaii)? The interior of a northern rain forest? What colours come to mind when you think of those things (blue and green)?

Colour Theory Fun: Warm and Cool Colours Lesson Plan

The Daily Draw: Part 1

Why do people draw? Is it important to draw? What can we learn by drawing? Can
drawing be “just for fun”?

People draw for many reasons:
• to relax,
• to think,
• to tell stories,
• to learn,
• to plan,
• to share information,
• to explain things,
• and many more reasons.

Just as reading each day can improve students’ literacy skills, and praticing their scales
can improve their muscial skills, daily drawing exercises can improve observational
skills, literacy, communication and encourage creativity.

The Daily Draw – Part 1 Lesson Plan

The World of Mandalas

This lesson introduces students to mandalas, what they are and why we make them.
Learn to recognize mandalas in nature and art and watch an online video about their
creation. Create cooperative mandalas from non-traditional art materials, and draw
some mandalas, as well.

The World of Mandalas Lesson Plan

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