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Robert Ziegler

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Novel: The Telling Method

Charlie and Veronica, two fiction writers who each suffer from very different mental challenges, fortuitously fall under the care of Dr. Evanscore, a maverick psychiatrist who is experimenting with alternative cures outside the traditional pharmaceutical models.  He believes that a narrative which has long-diminished a person’s true identity, when told anew and authentically listened to and believed, has the power to heal.

Because he believes storytelling is an age-old way for coping, understanding, and healing to take place, Dr. Evanscore suggests that Charlie turn his frustrated writing practice into a Telling Method in order to help integrate the multiple personalities in Veronica’s self-destructive inner family.  Charlie sees it as a way to ensure Veronica’s need for him, but soon discovers the power of the method for his own journey; thus, a love story unfolds through the lens of modern psychology.  When they are released from the hospital they sit daily in the two separate windows of their small apartment, “watching” and creating interwoven tales.

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