Miniature Painting Night

Attention all Miniature painters, tabletop gamers, and people of all ages looking for a fun hobby. Midvintner Minis is happy to be headed to the Two Rivers Art Gallery for our next miniature painting night from 5-9pm.

Miniature painting offers a high detail, sculpted figure of a fantastical character or creature of your choice. Once you have chosen your subject, you can use a selection of paints and brushes to help it look nicer, and tell the story you want it to tell. It is a hobby that works well for visual artists, gamers, storytellers and those looking for inspiration toward any of the above. Prince George has many helpful hobbyists willing to share their techniques and ideas in an environment that is open to all skill levels and tastes in tabletop gaming or fantasy display. Using our high detail 3d printers we want to help enable the hobby so that you can all create your own painted story.

$15 will get you a miniature to paint and the use of a wide variety of paints and brushes.

December 14
5:00 pm (4h)

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