Nonreturnables: A Plastic Expo

November 5, 2023 | 1-4PM

Two Rivers Gallery’s current exhibitions Dismantled Worlds and Nonreturnables deal with some of the threats facing the world today including consumerism, climate change and pollution. A key concern is our relationship to plastic. This issue is examined through the lenses of eight British Columbian artists which comprise the Nonreturnables exhibition.

Within Prince George, there are many resources and facilities that help us navigate our relationship with plastic and other materials. Two Rivers Gallery proposes a recycling fair in which organisations like the recycling depot, REAPS and proponents of upcycling movements congregate to share information about this challenge. Two Rivers Gallery is also interested in exploring a community recycling/exchange table where items may be collected, often in exchange for another, as well as a costume or other upcycling station.

If you would like to be apart of this expo please reach out to the Public Programming Coordinator Kyra at

November 5
1:00 pm (3h)

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