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July 20 to October 7, 2018

Robert Dyson. Pencils and soft canvas, 2017. Mixed media.


Robert Dyson

From Prince George, Robert Dyson is a sculptor and photographer who also works in the world of theatre, fabricating sets and props. His new work draws upon theatre-craft as he produces hybrids of painting and low relief sculpture that communicate pressure and tension. Elements within the frame, and at times the frames themselves, appear to be compressed or pulled apart using pulleys, clamps and other devices. Using trompe l’oeil and other effects, Dyson’s work appears to be heavily sprung and on the verge of letting go. 

July 20 to October 7, 2018

Dan Brault. Bonfire!, 2017. Acrylic and oil on canvas.

Atomic Love

Dan Brault

Québec City painter, Dan Brault, is a self-professed cynic. Rather than kick at a withering raft of global concerns, in his paintings, however, Brault ejects them entirely from his work. Issues like climate change and environmental decline, are more than simply absent in his paintings. He carefully composes his work to counter the anxiety and malcontent these and other concerns cause. Using a range of painting techniques and media he fashions paintings that, while auto-biographical, draw from common experiences in the world around him. Fishing, camping and video games are among the subject matter that Brault tackles lending his work a wide-ranging resonance as he creates paintings that are uplifting antidotes to these troubled times.

May 17 to July 22, 2018

Sharon Priseman. Pussy Willows, 2018. Acrylic on canvas.

All Things New: An exhibition of work by members of the Artists’ Co-Op

Sharron Antonenko, Donelda Barata, Vicki J. Blokland, Evy Fisher, Maureen Fotos, Elaine Francis, June Mackay, Shirley McDermind, Sharon Nicholas, Sharon Paul, Sharon Priseman, Simonne Young

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 17, 7:30pm, Rustad Galleria

The Artists’ Co-Op is a not-for-profit society that serves artists ranging form emerging to established. Its mission is to provide opportunities for artists to meet, learn and teach each other, all within an environment that is supportive and inclusive. Featuring work by twelve members of the Artist’s Co-Op, All Things New brings together a selection of paintings that are inspired by nature, and honour the beauty inherent in the natural world. Be it a newly sprung mushroom, a fast flowing river, or a mighty grizzly bear defending its territory, these paintings represent the return of new life and vitality after a long winter.


current exhibitions

The following shows are currently on exhibit at Two Rivers Gallery in our main Canfor galleries. Visit Two Rivers Gallery to view these great exhibitions before they close! Check out the exhibits in our Rustad Galleria as well.

April 13 to July 8, 2018

Kim Stewart: Indian Chief, 2017. Digital print on paper.

INJUN-uity, or Growing Up Pop

Kim Stewart

Métis artist Kim Stewart from Prince George explores stereotypes of Indigeneity and examines how representations of it in popular media influenced her own sense of self. Using a broad range of media including video, digital prints, beadwork and installation work, Stewart reconciles childhood stories and memories of play alongside pop cultural references of Indigenous culture. Her work considers the depth to which stereotypes can permeate ones identity and influence a sense of self.

July 27 - Fall 2018

Standing Split

Standing Split

David Jacob Harder

A circle of logs standing on their ends, pointed towards the sky, recalls the forests that surround the city of Prince George. David Jacob Harder constructed this sculptural-installation using a single fir tree that has been sectioned and sawed in half. The interior of the logs face outward, exposed, while the rounded-bark-covered side faces inward, hidden from initial view. At the center of artwork is a wooden bench that can be accessed through an opening in the circle. From the vantage point of the bench, the work appears to shield one from the surrounding urban environment. As much as Standing Split may function as a space for solitude, it also represents an investigation into the relationship between the forest and the city.

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Once you have visited the exhibitions and learned more about the artists, we encourage you to roll up your sleeves!

Head to our ‘make art make sense’ area and follow the artist’s lead. Use the materials provided in the studio to create your own works of art inspired by the exhibiting artist, drawing on the themes introduced in the exhibitions or playing with similar materials.


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