Two Rivers Accessibility Statement

Accessibility is about relationships and about the connections we strive to form among: people, places, and objects. Here at Two Rivers Gallery, we are always adapting and changing, striving to make our space and our programs welcoming for all. Our accessibility process acknowledges that needs change, even on a daily basis. In order to establish a culture of trust and care, we try our best to preemptively know our audience’s access needs, while also giving space to our visitors to inform us of their needs.

Our accessibility process is therefore one of constant learning and experimenting. We welcome any feedback or specific access requests that you may have. Our Visitor Experience team is always happy to hear from you! | 250-614-7800

The following sections are for individuals who want to learn more about the access in terms of traveling to the gallery and moving through the gallery.

Visual Welcoming Guide

Sometimes visiting a new place can be overwhelming. This guide is designed to help you prepare for a visit to Two Rivers Gallery. Using images and descriptions, the guide will help you understand what and who you may encounter in the space. You can download the Visual Welcoming Guide here

Getting to the Gallery


Two Rivers Art Gallery is located at 725 Canada Games Way, just off of 7th Avenue. It is located in downtown Prince George right across the street from the Prince George Conference and Civic Centre. It is also across the courtyard from the downtown branch of the Prince George Public Library. 


The entrance to the gallery on Canada Games Way has a ramp with a handrail located on the right side. There are two sets of power doors before entering the lobby, with the power door button located to the right side of the doors. Both sets of doors have pull handles. 

Car Parking

Parking is available in the Four Seasons Pool lot across from the gallery on Canada Games Way. Parking is currently free. 

Bike Rack

There are two bike racks located on Canada Games Way at the very end of the Gallery closer to 7th Avenue. There are four more racks located in Civic Plaza located under the walkway on the path towards the Rolling Mix Concrete Area. 

Public Transportation

The Gallery is located near the following bus stops:

  • The Patricia Blvd and 19th Avenue serving lines 10, 15, and 47
  • The 7th Avenue and Quebec serving line 55
  • The Dominion Street and 7th Avenue serving line 10, 15, 46, and 47

All BC Transit buses are wheelchair accessible. For handyDART, BC Transit’s free but pre-registered accessible, door-to-door shared transit service, please contact BC Transit at 250-562-1394.


Moving Through the Gallery

Description of the Building 

When entering the front doors of Two Rivers Gallery, you will be entering a lobby area. Straight ahead in the lobby, there is a visitor services desk with visitor service representatives. These individuals will be happy to assist you and answer your questions about the gallery. 

To the left of the visitor services desk, there is a seating area. This area is good for resting or for a more quiet space. Directly past the visitor desk, there is a gift shop as well as washrooms straight ahead. If you walk to the right of the desk, you will find the entrance of the exhibition space. 

The exhibition space contains two large rooms that are joined together. The ceilings are quite high so the rooms may echo. To leave the exhibition space, you will have to leave through the doors that you came in from. 

There is also another exhibition space known as Rustad Galleria on the right from the entrance doors. In the Rustad Galleria, you will find the elevator to head upstairs. 

The second floor is the learning & engagement space, where the gallery hosts a range of art-related classes, workshops, and camps. The second floor space is not always open to the public. If you either take the stairs or elevator, you will end up on the landing. The landing contains a washroom and a drinking fountain. Opposite from the washroom and drinking fountain is a large open space with seating. Often this large space is used for public programming, including children’s camps. On the right side of the programming space, there is an office space that is not open for the general public. 

On the left side of the programming space, there is a room known as the Wild Side. This room contains a number of technical tools, such as a 3D printer, silversmithing tools, and a sewing machine. If you continue to walk to the end of the Wild Side, you will see doors to an outdoor patio. This patio is the Sculpture Court, and can contain three-dimensional sculptures that change depending on the season. You will have to go back out the two sets of doors that you came from to go back to re-enter the programming space. 

Along the back wall of the programming space are two studios with open entries. Studio one contains arts supplies that are used for programs. Studio two contains books and younger children’s toys that can be used within that space for all. 


There are two gender-neutral bathrooms downstairs in the lobby across from the visitor services desk. Upstairs, there is a single gender-neutral washroom that is next to the elevator on the landing of the second floor. There is a second single gender-neutral public washroom at the other end of the learning & engagement space. 

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are not allowed in the exhibition spaces. An accessible water fountain is available on the second floor directly next to the elevator and set of stairs. Please check in with the front desk visitor representative for some close-by restaurant suggestions around downtown Prince George. 


When entering the gallery, there is a seating space to the left. Seating in this lounge space includes a number of stools and a couch with arms. There are a number of wooden armless and backless benches located in the exhibition spaces. Upstairs in the Wild Side and programming space, there are many stools. 


There is an elevator located halfway down the corridor to the right of the lobby once you enter the building. It will take you up to the landing of the second floor learning & engagement space.


Accommodations When Visiting the Gallery

Financial Accessibility

Access to exhibitions is free everyday, donations appreciated.

We offer a complimentary Individual Memberships for Indigenous Peoples. Membership includes a number of perks including 10% discount at the gallery shop and 10% discount on all Gallery art classes and other paid programs. For more information about our membership options click here.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at the gallery. There are outdoor green spaces for service animals surrounding the entire building, including two steps outside of the front entrance. There is also a water bowl offered outside of the gallery during the summer season. 

Scent Policy

Please be aware that the gallery does not have a scent policy at this time. Scented products are currently being used for the washroom soap and as cleaning products. 


There is no specific room for individuals who get overstimulated at the gallery. A suggestion is to head to the lounge next to the lobby, as it offers a seated area that is usually not occupied. 

Outside of Two Rivers Art Gallery, featuring the Millenium Unity Pole by Ron Sebastian (Gwin Butsxw).
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