Art Heals

Blending Wellness & Creativity

Art Heals is an outreach program created and facilitated by Two Rivers Gallery which engages the imagination and enhances the well-being of participants through creative activities. 

Created in 2002 for patients at UHNBC, it has expanded over the last 20 years to enhance the lives of people in multiple institutional and group home settings. Groups meet weekly, biweekly or twice-weekly to participate in hour-long art-making sessions.

Art Heals offers participants creative solutions to express themselves and aid their well-being. Participants anticipate our visits with excitement and enhanced morale. The program objectives are:

  • to improve participant well-being by enhancing self esteem, reducing stress and boredom, and augmenting motivation,
  • to provide a safe and secure environment for participants to express their feelings and ideas through art,
  • to offer the participants educational and enjoyable activities which they can choose to adopt into their lifestyles,
  • to provide a social setting in which to create art in the company of others.
Soap sculptures
Black and white doodles
Dream banner

For more information about the Art Heals outreach program, please contact Kyra Thibaudeau, Learning & Engagement Manager.

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