Permanent Collection

History of the Collection

In 1986, Two Rivers Gallery started our art collection with the acquisition of nine artworks comprising paintings, prints, and sculpture. Hampered by a building with poor storage, it wasn’t until the completion of a purpose-built facility in 2000 that we were able to properly support a collection. Since then, exhibiting artists have contributed overwhelmingly to the development of the collection as have generous collectors. A smaller proportion of the collection, upon which we have focussed in this exhibition, has been purchased by the Gallery or is rooted in a major project. Today, the collection comprises nearly 450 objects.

As we consider what we have accomplished through the collection, it is important to reflect on the work we have yet to do. Of the artists in our collection, forty-three percent are women and fourteen percent are Indigenous. The rest of the collection is filled largely by cisgender male, white artists. The absence of Black artists, artists of colour, artists with disabilities, and artists belonging to the LGBTQ2+ community is evident and inexcusable.

Our collection is focused on artwork that explores the experience of life and living in Northern and Western Canada, but to properly encompass the diversity of experiences in our region it is important that all voices are represented. As we further research and develop the collection, we are committed to rectifying these imbalances and ensuring a collection that is reflective of the diverse lived experiences of our community.

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